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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Chitra

Well known singer Padma Shri K S Chitra celebrates her birthday on 27th of July.Born in a musical family of Trivandrum, got her first lessons under the aegis of her father late Krishna Nair.Till holding the record of winning 6 national award by a female singer and holding the pride of performing live in the House of Commons , London, and the first Indian female singer from South to perform live in the Royal Albert Hall.

She has lent her voice to Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Assamese and Bengali films.MG Radhakrishnana introduced her to Malayalam playback singing in 1979 and later she made her debut to Tamil film industry under the guidance of Ileyaraja.She has 7 Nandi awards from Andhra Pradesh State Government for best female playback singer.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ronaldinho has discovered Happiness

The former European and World Footballer of the Year completed his long drawn-out transfer to the Rossoneri from Barcelona last week.The 28-year-old joined Barca back in 2003, and following a wonderful first three seasons at the club, things started to go wrong.

The trademark smile that Ronnie always used to wear on the field suddenly disappeared, and the last 12 months proved to be the worst of the player’s career as he missed large chunks of the campaign due to injury and poor form.Having signed for Milan, many believe that Ronaldinho’s smile on the pitch will now return, and Dunga, who is coaching the player for next month’s Olympics says the player has rediscovered his happiness.

"The most important thing is that Ronaldinho is happy and has found his smile,” said the national team boss.“This makes things easier for everyone.”Ronaldinho travels to the games in Beijing as one of the Selecao’s three over age players.

Uses of

Hi friends,

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Henry the Greatest Gunner of all time

Thierry Henry is still feeling the love from the English football community, over a year since he left Arsenal in a €24m switch to Barcelona.Report have emerged regularly suggesting that the French hitman is struggling to adapt to life with the Catalan giants, but his lack of form in Spain hasn't tarnished his reputation as a Highbury legend.Earlier this month, Henry, who scored 226 times in 380 games for the North London club, was voted as the greatest Gunner of all time by fans via the club's official website.

New video site- Vidiction videos

Hi friends,
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

UEFA Champiosns league Final Still haunts Terry

Hi friends,
We all know that Man utd and Chelsea met at the UEFA champions league final held at moscow on may. In that match Man utd won the champions league because of the costly miss from Mr. Chelsea " Terry". Since it was raining during match, when Terry was offered penality shoot out ,he got slipped and as a result ball went across the post. And eventually MAN UTD was crowned as european champions.the penality miss by Terry still haunts him. Every day when he woke, he remembers the day he missed costly penality. He wants to take revenge against Man utd in the next season.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy birth day surya

The man known for his charm and willingness to scale heights as a flamboyant actor celebrates his birthday on the 23rd of July. Everything fell in place for this actor who had a rather sedate beginning to his career. His on-screen chemistry with actress Jyothika and the much talked about love affair with the bubbly actress culminated in marriage and the couple is blessed with a beautiful baby daughter Diya.

Suriya hit the headlines recently for his macho look sporting a well toned six-pack-ab for the film 'Varanam Aayiram'. His good looks along with the macho appeal have indeed sent many a girl's heart to dizzy heights.The actor is expected to celebrate his birthday with family and friends. It is not yet clear if he is also going to celebrate with his fans. Suriya is also known for being a socially responsible person. So this facet might very well play a big part in his birthday celebrations

Info about Lasik Surgery

Hi friends,

Almost half of the person in this world wear glasses. Even I wear spex. I wore glasses from my 7th standard. Now I have completed College studies. When I was in childhood, I used to study in night hours with less light. This caused damaged to my eyes.

If you are someone like me who simply finds wearing glasses a hassle, there is one solution perfect for you - LASIK information. I have collected so much information regarding Lasik and I am planning to take this Lasik treatment. Some of the benefits of this treatment are as follows:

1) There is no need to wear glasses after the treatment because your eyes will be corrected for life Time. You can put your spex in the bin.

2) Modern Lasik treatment has been brought for greater safety and convenience. It is the first technology to use 3D mapping technology for laser treatment.

3) Lasik Surgery is very fast and it produces less complications. This complications will be reduced as time progresses by using prescribed therapy.

Some people are not recommended for this treatment. People who don't have thin, irregularly shaped corneas can undergo this treatment. You can tell this info to your friends. One can expect for a 2-hour examination, including customized wave-front measurements of your eye and corneas, and 3-D mapping.

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Robot's next Photo session with Aishwarya Rai

Rajinikanth and director Shankar have been very busy over the past few weeks with the groundwork for Robot set rolling. The duo have completed about three photo sessions thus far – one in Mumbai and two in Chennai. It seems that Shankar is quite satisfied with the outcome but the final decision on Rajini's get-up in Robot is yet to be decided. Meanwhile,Rajini and Shankar will fly down to Mumbai in a few days time for the fourth photo session. Interestingly, this photo shoot session will have Aishwarya Rai also participating in it. Sources say that Shankar is taking extra care about Rajini's looks in Robot as his role happens to be that of a young scientist.

War games celebrates 25th anniversary

Hi friends,
Basically I am a movie maniac. This habit was inculcated in me when I was in childhood. My father used to say that when I was in child, I used to watch action adventures such as Indiana jones (my favorite movie), WarGames( This was movie has a cute hacker named Matthew Broderick) and the Terminator. I used to watch this movies with great awe.


When I heard that one of my favorite flicks WarGames is going to celebrate 25th anniversary on 24th july, I was so happy. Only one show will be showed and in this show one can get the interview of actors and technicians worked in th film. Moreover, making of wargames sequel The dead code will also be telecasted. Dont miss this golden oppourtunity. Get tickets as soon as possible.

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Bala joins hands with Zee network

Zee Entertainment Network has decided to venture Southwards. Their first project is to be a Tamil film, and quite interestingly the production house has signed up Bala to don the director's cap. Bala, known for his offbeat films, has also lapped up the offer. If sources are to be believed, Zee Entertainment Network has already handed over Rs. 2 crores to Bala to produce the film on a first copy basis. The director is now deeply involved in the project. Meanwhile, the tussle between Bala and Pyramid Saimira over the budget of Naan Kadavul is sought to be resolved amicably between both the parties by their close friends in the industry. It may be recalled that Pyramid Saimira alleged that Bala refused to give the copy of Naan Kadavul, which he had produced on a first copy basis, as the film's budget exceeded beyond the agreed limits. Bala countered that he would hand over the copy only when his dues are settled. The issue is expected to be settled soon to facilitate the release of Naan Kadavul.

Great flirting championship

Hi friends,
Almost all ordinary boy in this world loves to flirt the beautiful girls. Similarly, ordinary girls even loves to flirt the beautiful girls. This is the law of the nature and nothing will much change it. Notting Hill will work in real life? is my evergreen movie and the reason why I like this movie is because of these following worst flirting lines "I'm Just a Girl, Standing in front of a Boy, Asking Him to love Her". Flirting brings the person a inner joy and they could'nt know how to express such feelings. For those who loves to flirt is conducting Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship

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This is a multi-player game and one can play this game in the internet. You can either be the Judge or the flirt. It will be great fun whether you are a judge or flirt. Some answers from flirt will be so hilarious. Hollywood has so much beautiful lines and you can use one of them. If you play this game you can easily achieve Victory Hair
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Drogba to leave Chelsea

The Blaugrana are preparing to step up their pursuit of the Ivory Coast forward and are believed to now know the price that they will have to pay to land him, Sport state.Chelsea have been reluctant to sell, but Drogba is keen to try one last new challenge in his career and sees a stint at Barcelona as the perfect move.

While Luis Felipe Scolari has said publicly that he wants the player to stay, it is believed that if a suitable replacement can be found then he will agree to the transfer.Drogba has wanted to move away from Stamford Bridge since José Mourinho's departure last season and has already agreed that he woujld sign a three-year deal at Camp Nou.Money is not an issue because the London outfit would be able to top what is on offer at Barcelona and it is simply a question of ambition at this stage in his career.

After turning 30, Drogba wants to taste life in either the Spanish or Italian leagues and Pep Guardiola's interest has swayed him towards a move to la Primera.Barça's interest could well see Mourinho move to make a bid for his former goalscorer, but he is still keen on prising Frank Lampard away and knows that talks over another Blues player could jeopardise that.
Now Drogba is believed to want to wrap up a deal quickly in order to avoid the saga becoming tiresome and will use his absence from Chelsea's tour of the Far East to leave the club.

Importance of Alzheimer’s Walk

Hi friends,
All are intereseted in this world to join hands for supporting a common cause. That too United States are famous for such campaigns. I had a grand mother. At the age of 83 she was in a such a state that she couldnt able to recollect her daughter in law ie my brother and me. Every time I used to tell her that I am her grand son. later she will tell correctly my name. She is no more now. So in memories of her, i thoght of supporting Alzheimer's Memory Walk and I will be the one of the participant in that walk.

The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk® is the biggest awareness-raising event in the country when it comes to Alzheimer’s research, care and support. this organisation is mainly run by the volunteers. It is very easy to find Alzheimer organisation in USA because about 600 branches are working all around US. The rally will be held for just 2 or 3 miles. Hence every US citizen should participate in this.

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Tragic End for HBK's Career

After months of hatred boiling hotter and hotter, Shawn Michael's promise that “the worst is truly yet to come” rung true at The Great American Bash. Unfortunately for HBK, the truth came at his own expense as Chris Jericho-injured Michaels’ right eye drawing so much blood that, despite HBK’s insistence to battle on, the officials ended the match and Y2J was declared winner.

Throughout the bout, Michaels gave it his all in the match and seemed to have the momentum until a well-placed elbow ended up worsening his injured eye. After that, Jericho and protégé Lance cade a former pupil of The Showstopper – targeted the injury making it bleed more and more profusely, causing the match to be ended on the referee’s decision.

With Michaels' heading back to San Antonio for further examination, Jericho came back out to make a bold announcement to our fans. He stated that tonight was historical as he claimed Michaels’ was diagnosed by the trainers with a detached retina and that those watching had just witnessed the last match of HBK’s career.

Carpal tunnel relief

Hi friends,
When I was browsing the net, I came to know that there is a disease named carpal tunnel Syndrome. That was the first time I heard such name.. So I collected the information regarding that. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerval disorder in the hand that can cause severe pain in the arms, fingers and wrists.Some medications which are available for this treatment are not even 80% effective. Persons suffering from such disorder even find it difficult to holding glass tumblers or even cups with their hands. Regular Computer usage for blogging or typing may to lead to such disorder. On such situation we can get this syndrome and one should not lose their job for this. Hence carpal tunnel relief is a better alternative to this and it is effective than its market competitors. Smart gloves are available in the market which leads to carpal tunnel relief. Wrist Wrap , IMAK Smart Glove and elastic should be worn by all such persons as I mentioned above. These include sitting, standing, typing or talking on the telephone in a manner that causes the least amount of stress on your body. By keeping your arms as close as your body one can reduce much pressure.
Smart Glove will get you relief for all these effects wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or tendinitis, the IMAK . Hence in order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, it is advised to wear smart glove. Share this information with your friends, and let them get benefit too.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Edge Spheres his wife

Hi wwe Fans,
Lot of drama happened in this sunday " The Great American Bash". One such drama was the WWE Championship Match between Edge and HHH. It was the continuation of last week Raw. In which a tape containing Edge Kissing Fox was presented to Vickie Guirero by HHH. As a result there was resentment between Edge and His wife. During the match, he thought of sphering HHH, but HHH moved a bit and as a result he sphered his wife who was standing behind HHH. After sphering her, he didnt know what to do. At hat time HHH finished the match and reclaimed WWE Championship by putting pedigree for Edge.

Cuff Link review

Hi friends,
Cuff links are nothing but the showy material which are attached to the shirts button. As a lover of Handcuffs, I love hot red mini cufflinks. Its red color attracts all the persons. I have two pair of such hand cuffs.cuff links are more popular among the US citizens. So please do visit the above links.

Virtua Tennis 3 Cheat codes

Unlock King:
Select Tournament mode and win the singles matches without losing to
the CPU and get a flawless "D" or worse rank. When challenged by King,
defeat him to unlock him as a playable character.

Unlock Duke:
Select Tournament mode and win the singles matches without losing to the
CPU and get a flawless "C" or better rank. When challenged by Duke, defeat
him to unlock him as a playable character.

Unlock Frying Pan:
To unlock the Frying Pan as a tennis racket, get three strikes in a row in
the Pin Crusher mini-game.

Quick Volley skill increase:
In Career mode, play the "Defend The Prize" mini-game repeatedly. Choose
one prize and stand in front of it (ignore the others). Simply defend that
one prize. You will easily win the mini-game every time and be able to
increase your Volley skill as quickly as desired.

Guitar racket:
Defeat King or Duke in a SPT final.

Tambourine racket:
Make a total of 100 lob shots.

Wooden racket:
Win King Of Players mode.

Air Cleaners guide

Hi people,
Is your house smells stink?? then you must try air purifier. Some person may have irritation in the nose due to the bad smell or dust present in the air. the cheapest air purifier is the link which provides guide to the air cleaner. One can visit this site to get more info. Air purifier removes all the dust and gives the purified air.