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Friday, September 12, 2008

Vista Quick Tips

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Vista Quick Tips: while power management features have been a part of windows for along time, Vista gives you a lot more control over how and what to turn off, even control CPU throtting. Head to power options in the Control panel. Click on plan Settings and you will be able to fine tune .

Vista a memory boost

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Give Vista a memory boost: one of the most effective ways of speeding up Vista is by simply adding more RAM. Memory prices are at low right now, and this time to pick up some RAM. If you have 1GB RAM , they strongly suggest you added another GB which costs only Rs. 1,200.

Operating System (os)

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In pure Technical spaek, an Operating System (os) is software that allows, programs and users to access the hardware. But that's at its most basic level. We have grown accustomed to operating systems that are pur eye-candy, have features that enhance usability, or manage to accomplish both. 

Differential calculus

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Differential calculus-Mathematical study of rates of change of continuously varying functions. Devised independently by Newton and Leibrnitiz to study problems in dynamics and geometry. Important applications in physics where many phenomena are described by laws dealing with rate of change.

Facts of Desalination of Water

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I am fine. How about you?I want to impress about some facts of the Desalination of Water. Desalination means removal of mineral salts from water, to make it suitable for Drinking, irrigation and for Industrial use. Desalination can be effected by freezing the water. But usually the it was made distilling by evaporation of water. The salty water is boiled and the pure water vapour given off is condensed and collected. Nowadays due to shortage of good potable water due to dearth of rain, the Desalination of Water is being carried out in a big way, so as to compensate the Water shortage.

Delta-Region of flat

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How are you? I am fine. Hope all are fine. Hope every one knows the word Delta. Region of flat , alluvial tract build up by the deposits of often fan out to extend the shoreline in a triangular shape, such regions were given the name 'Delta' after the triangular form of the Greek letter 'd'. Deltas include the Ganges-Brahmaputra, Mississippi , Danube, Rhine and Nile.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Do you know Cavalry? Mounted soldiers, important from classical times down to the 18th century because of their speed and mobility. Declined during 19th century but were still used for reconnaissance and skirmishing in the early part of the world war.

Cellulose - modules

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Do you know what it meant by Cellulose? Fibrous substance which forms the chief constituent of the walls of plant cells. Cellulose is a carbohydrate made up of long chains of glucose molecules. Commercial fibres such as flex, cotton, and hemp are largely composed of cellulose

Happy birthday shriya

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Lady love Shriya celebrates her birthday today. 26 year old actress came to the media attraction all over India after sharing screen with Superstar Rajinikanth. Starting her film career in Telugu, She moved to Kollywood. She is now acting with sarath kumarin Jaggubhai

Monday, September 8, 2008

K for Karan

Karan has tasted success with 'Kokki' and 'Karuppasamy Kuthagaitharar'. His recent film 'Kathavarayan' managed a 100-day run.Probably considering this to be a 'luck' element that brings good fortune he has keen to name his films that start with the letter 'K'. He is currently working in a host of movies including 'Kandha' and 'Kanagavel Kakka'. Interestingly they also begin with 'K'. Is Karan going to stick with the letter of the alphabet 'K' always?
This is what Karan had to say: "No, they are mere coincidences. Two of my films ('Thee Nagar' and 'Malayan') had titles that began with the letter 'K'. But I requested the directors to change them. I am a person who works hard and leaves the rest to God".