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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tragic End for HBK's Career

After months of hatred boiling hotter and hotter, Shawn Michael's promise that “the worst is truly yet to come” rung true at The Great American Bash. Unfortunately for HBK, the truth came at his own expense as Chris Jericho-injured Michaels’ right eye drawing so much blood that, despite HBK’s insistence to battle on, the officials ended the match and Y2J was declared winner.

Throughout the bout, Michaels gave it his all in the match and seemed to have the momentum until a well-placed elbow ended up worsening his injured eye. After that, Jericho and protégé Lance cade a former pupil of The Showstopper – targeted the injury making it bleed more and more profusely, causing the match to be ended on the referee’s decision.

With Michaels' heading back to San Antonio for further examination, Jericho came back out to make a bold announcement to our fans. He stated that tonight was historical as he claimed Michaels’ was diagnosed by the trainers with a detached retina and that those watching had just witnessed the last match of HBK’s career.

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