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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Portugese are too hot to handle by Turks

Hi friends,
Its the season of football. So for this one month one can get much more information about the happenings in the euro cup. Yesterday Portugal met Turkey in the opening campaign. Portugal deserved their win, although they were made to fight for it by a Turkish side eager to mark their return to a major tournament with a fine performance.However, the team from the East were all too often nervy in defence and rarely troubled stand-in goalkeeper Ricardo, meaning that it was up to the Andrades, who were themselves struggling to test the stopper at times, to find the winner.
Cristiano Ronaldo had been quiet, but his fine strike 37 minutes in sailed through a forest of bodies, seemingly goalward, before Volkan Demirel pulled off a spectacular save to hit the ball off the post.Zan left the pitch in some distress soon afterwards for Emre Asik, and Portugal seemed to be emboldened. Cristiano Ronaldo cut in from the flank and shot low under Volkan, but the 'keeper got down well to save, and Joao Moutinho came close soon afterwards after good work from a short free-kick.

It seemed that a goal was in the offing, and it came on the hour mark. Pepe made it, and this time it was no simple header from a corner. Coming forward from the defence, he sprayed the ball out to Ronaldo, who in turn timed the pass back to the Madrid centre-back. Playing the one-two with Nuno Gomes, the defender fired a great effort, albeit a deflected one, past Volkan to mark his first international goal in style.He and his side were punished on the counter soon afterwards as Ronaldo strode down the wing, played a through ball to Moutinho, who in turn spun on it acrobatically before playing it to Meireles at the far post for a simple finish.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Narcotic Rehab centre

Well Guys, today's youth gets inculcated with many more evil bad habits such as using Narcotic drugs. Once they get addicted to it, it is very difficult to bring back to their normal state. They are not only burden to their family but also to their society. All over the world, many rehab centres are available. But some rehab center only have recognition among the masses. Narconan rehab is the best rehab program available to us. Drug Rehab Center mends the affected persons to their normal state. About 76% of the people leave the rehab centre with fully corrected, Hence they cause no problems to the society.
Even if the graduates change the course of living after 6 months, then the rehab centre will readmit and give drug treatment to their graduates at no extra cost. The succes rate is much higher is simply because it uses a time tested, unique 4-phase approach to fully rehabilitate the drug addiction and the desire to use drugs. This Drug Treatment Center is already a huge hit. Hence forth, if any of your colleagues gets affected with the narcotic problem, then dont worry- Call 800.556.8885 for further doubt.

Aspects of Social Spark

Hi ppl,
Most of the bloggers in this world do know what is social spark. But only few Know the information that Social spark is live. Initially the site was extremely sluggish, seemingly bogged down with all of the applications running on the site, but it has improved greatly since my initial visit to the site. Now it has got its true colors and its flying high when compared to the competitors. So, who is using Social Spark? So far there seems to be quite a few people on Social spark. Even I got the profile in social spark. and hence I love my profile named Indefatigable. you can meet fellow bloggers, leave comments on bloggers and advertiser accounts, private message, and possibly most importantly, you can even take paid offers on the site. Because all links are fully disclosed and no followed you don’t even have to worry about a google penalty either since you’re not violating their terms.
A person can vote the profile as a prop or drop. This feature is unavailable in many of the competitors of social spark.I like the idea behind the site, but the dynamic pricing feels like a trap. I’m lured to an opportunity because the price and requirements seem reasonable, but the opp is usually fully reserved at that point. In this case, if the campaign is still running I can click to wait for a slot and should one open up I will have a slot reserved for me. Since joining I’ve only seen one offer that was open at the time and that I qualified for. One can register their blog at SocialSpark and enjoy much more benefits.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Be ware of ur Kids

These photos seems funny, but it also alarms the parents about their ward.

Missing Light House Found

Local historians for decades thought the 30-foot tall lighthouse that once overlooked Wellfleet Harbor had been taken down and destroyed in 1925.

Turns out, it had just been moved to the California coast.The fate of the cast-iron tower was uncovered last year by lighthouse researchers and reported by Colleen MacNeney in this month's edition of Lighthouse Digest.MacNeney told the Cape Cod Times in Wednesday's edition it was her most exciting discovery.Wellfleet historian Helen Purcell says the discovery of the lighthouse at Point Montara, 25 miles south of San Francisco, was a genuine shock.

MacNeney says she discovered correspondence that proved the lighthouse, first erected in 1881, had been moved by the Coast Guard from Wellfleet to Yerba Buena, Calif., and eventually to Point Montara.There is no known documentation explaining how it was moved across the country, MacNeney said.

But Jim Walker, chairman of the Cape Cod Chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation, speculates that because it is metal, it could have been disassembled bolt by bolt, with the pieces then transported by rail. The lighthouse is still used as a navigational aid and a hostel.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who is Plies?

Hi Friends,
Plies is one of the world's greatest Rap artist. His real name is Algernod Lanier Washington. His place of birth is Fort Myers, FL, US. He is known for the following labels Atlantic, Slip-n-Slide Records. Plies lyrics are famous for too. One can get more info about him from this link Rapper Plies.Plies is an American rapper. His debut album The Real Testament entered the Billboard 200 chart at number two.

Want to know about Lil Wayne?

Hi ppl,
               Lil Wayne's real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He is famous for the following labels Aphilliates, Cash Money Records, Universal Records, Young Money. His date of birth is September 27, 1979. He was born in New Orleans, LA, US. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. was born to Jacida "Cita" Carter who at the time of his birth was 19, graduating from high school and involved in an abusive relationship with his biological father Dwayne Michael Turner who soon after abandoned the family. Lil Wayne Lyrics is too famous. One can get more info at

Eminem's profile

Eminems real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers. He is famous for the follwing labels Aftermath, Bassmint, Interscope Records, Mashin' Duck, Shady Records, Web. His date of birth is October 17, 1972. He was born in St. Joseph, MO, US. Eminem released The Slim Shady LP, which went on to be one of the most popular albums of 1999, going triple platinum by the end of the year. Eminem lyrics are famous in the world. One can get much more information by visiting this URl
Eminem Biography.

Profile of 2pac

Hi people,
the real name of 2pac is Tupac Amaru Shakur. He was born in june 16th 1971 at Newyork , USA, He deceased on september 13th 1996. He was famous for the following labels Amaru, Death Row, Interscope Records, Makaveli, Out Da Gutta. He was equally famous for 2pac lyrics. One can get much more information about his profile from this following link">2pac Biography.

Want to Know more about Snoop Dogg?

Hi Rap friends,
Most of us in this world knows who is Snoop Dogg. but only few knows about his profile. So I take pleasure to write about his Profile.
Snoop Dogg real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus. He was born in 11th october 1971 at Long beach, CA, USA . In the rap world all call him as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop. His rap hits are Death Row Records, Doggystyle, Geffen Records, Interscope Records, No Limit, Star Trak, TVT. Out of this, his debut rap Doggy style was a huge hit among the mass. Snoop Dogg lyrics are also equally familiar. One can get much more information about his profile by visting this link

Superstar in ALLEPEY

Hi SuperStar Friends,

Shooting spot of Kuselan has been shifted to the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala where a song involving Rajini and Nayan were being shot recently. Hearing the news that the Boss is in town, many of the local residents tuned up to have a glimpse of him. Meanwhile, dignitaries from Malayalam film world had paid a visit to the shooting venue and met Rajinikanth.

Srinivasan who did Pasupathy’s role in the Malayalam original had come along with Dileep and Kunjaakko and had a chat with super star. On seeing his old friend Srinivasan, an emotional Rajini rushed to his side and embraced him and the duo was seen talking with each other for more than an hour. Director Fazil was one of the directors who met Rajinikanth at Alleppey. Tamil actor Napoleon who was holidaying near Alleppey with his wife visited Rajinikanth.

Dasavatharm Now has 1000 Prints

Scores of technicians are burning the midnight oil this week to make thousand prints ready and available to all the theaters that screen the mega budget movie 'Dasavatharam'.The producers of the film are also printing posters featuring all the ten roles so that audiences can familiarize themselves with the characters. Every major theater across Tamil Nadu is screening the film.

The story of the film could be something like this….a scientist invents a machine that helps people travel through time. A bunch of baddies want the technology for their ulterior motives. The scientist, possibly eccentric, wants to safeguard it desperately. But somehow it lands up in the custody of an old woman in Tamil Nadu.Could the movie be complete without using the unique technology? That is where the fun is going to be…. Traveling to the 12th century and back….probably with many stops in between. This should be a roller coaster ride of fun and frolic and to have a person of Kamal Haasan's caliber, this should be a joy ride.

Vijay and Prabhu Deva join Hands again

Hi Vijay fans,

After ‘Kuruvi’, its time for ‘Vill’. Prabhu Deva will be wielding the megaphone for this Vijay starrer. The duo teamed up for the first time in the film, ‘Pokkiri’, which went on to be huge money grosser.Initially, the project was christened ‘Singam’ meaning Lion. But then, director Hari had already registered the title. After hunting for a suitable title for quite some time, ‘Vill’ was decided upon.

Nayanthara will pair up with the highly successful Vijay and the movie would be produced by Ayngaran International and filming is slated to begin on the 7th of this month.Incidentally S. J Suryah is directing a film in Telugu with the same title.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Search and buy Used cars online?

well guys, buying a car is not a easy task, though its a used car or a newly bought car. When you are buying a used car you must look after many features.By looking at used cars, you will see that this can save you a lot of money while you still get a great car. Before buying it we must do a lot of research works. Before starting with the research works we must note all the important things what you need in a used car. This includes all the following factors-
1.knowing how many miles you are willing to have on it
2.what type of vehicle you are looking to buy
3. The features that you will want on your used car. after doing all this home works you must look into the car websites for much more information. This not only provides you with what a good price is for the car you are looking for but can also be a great place to purchase your car once you have decided on one you like.When you are looking in the online websites, one must be careful of the price that seems too good to be true. One must not taken away by the low cost cars because it will cost more in the later years because of maintanence problems.
When buying a second-hand car online, make sure you are buying the cars from the reputed company. Knowing who you are dealing with will give you some insight as to what to expect from that company and how to go about finding a used car through them. Before starting with other work one must completly study the online car company. There are many wonderful companies and websites that offer used cars online; however, there is always someone that is just trying to make a quick buck as well. People can buy the best used cars only through the research works. One such reputed online used car webite is

Spain's Standings in EURO 2008

Always among the favourites, they have a nasty habit of producing one decent performance before bowing out to a team half as talented - not a million miles away from the same fate suffered by England every other year. Only Spain will be in Austria and Switzerland this summer and, once again, they are being heavily tipped, with most bookmakers running them as second favourites behind Germany.
So have Spain really underachieved as much as we are led to believe? Spanish football expert Guillem Balague thinks it is nothing more than a myth that they are world football's biggest flops.The fact remains, however, that Spain's seemingly endless problems in major tournaments have become something of an embarrassment for one of football's proudest nations.
Like England, they have won one tournament. Their success - the 1964 European Nations' Cup, as the Euros were called then - came thanks to a 2-1 win over the Soviet Union in the final, which was held in Madrid.

Spain have always had quality players, but perhaps not quite so many as they have in their 23-man squad for Austria and Switzerland, as BBC presenter and former Barcelona striker Gary Lineker testifies."It has slightly let them down in the past, but Spain have never had the strength in depth they have this year," Lineker told BBC Sport. "They also have the experience of players going abroad that they never had before, too."Over in Spain they think they choke. They've done well in sports like golf and motor racing where they've shown they have the bottle.
"But they've got a real chance this year. The spine of Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Cesc Fabregas, Xavi, Fernando Torres and David Villa is very, very strong.

Hot Pictures of Shreya

Shriya Pairs With Danush

Hi friends,

The latest buzz doing rounds in the industry is that Shriya has replaced Trisha for the Tamil remake of the Hindi blockbuster ‘Jab We Met’.Initially, Trisha was supposed to play the role enacted by Kareena Kapoor in the original.‘Jab We Met’ was a big hit in Hindi which featured Shahid Kapoor and Kareena kapoor in lead roles. The feel-good romantic entertainer won the hearts of youths straightaway.

Moserbaer is planning to remake the movie in Tamil and Dhanush has been roped in to do the lead role.Interestingly Shriya and Dhanush come together again after a big success in ‘Thiruvilayadal Arambham’. Dhanuish will do the movie after completing ‘Padikathavan’.

Funny Wall papers

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Men's Tennis ATP ranking

Hi friends,

According to the recent press release following is the New Mens's ATP tennis ranking,

 1 N Djokovic Ser

2 R Nadal Spa

3 R Federer Swi

4 N Davydenko Rus

5 A Roddick US

6 D Ferrer Spa

7 J-W Tsonga Fra

8 J Blake US

9 N Almagro Spa

10 S Wawrinka Swi

Sherapova Fails Against Safina

Hi friends,
Sharapova had struggled for form in her opening three matches and many tipped her fellow Russian to cause an upset.And after letting two set points slip by in the opener, Safina saved a match point in the second set before taking control of a tense decider. Safina fought back from 5-1 down in the final set to beat Sharapova at Roland Garros two years ago, but had not really built on that result until Berlin last month when she beat Justine Henin and Serena Williams in consecutive matches.

Sharapova, in contrast, came into the tournament as the new world number one but has never enjoyed clay and struggled desperately on serve in her early matches last week.In a tight first set Safina looked to have the edge but when Sharapova roared back from 6-4 down to take the tie-break, it seemed her champion's mentality would prove the difference.Safina broke at the start of the second before the rain came, but on the resumption Sharapova stepped up another gear.She swept through five straight games and got to match point on serve at 5-3, only to see Safina cling on with a blistering backhand.

That was to prove the turning point as the 13th seed forced another tie-break in which she recovered from 5-2 down to level.The momentum was with her in the decider and she did not waste it, breaking a tiring Sharapova in game six and clinching victory two games later on her second match point.

What is Phentermine?

Hi friends,
Loosing weight is a important head ache in today's world. Natural therapies such as using herbal methods and doing regular exercises takes much longer time. And some cases it may not even bring the demanded outcome. In such cases Phentermine- A weight loss pill is available. This function much more better than the natural methods. One can visit the to buy phentermine online. In that web site one can get the reviews of the persons who used this and who are using phentermine at present for reducing their body weight. Check that site and keep your body slick and slender.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Revealed Pictures of Dasavatharam

Some xclusive pictures of undersea fishes

Some unseen species of fishes living in deep blue sea.

Telugu Industry Bans Prakash Raj

Hi friends,
The owner of the words " Hi Chellam", none other than prakash raj was banned in telugu industry.The film industry had once again slapped a ban on Prakash Raj following his 'irregularity in attending shootings'.According to reports, the versatile actor, whose hands are full with offers from almost all south Indian languages is unable to attend shootings in time. As a result, many Telugu films including Pawan Kalyan's 'Jalsa' and NTR's 'Kantri' were delayed.Following this, the Producers Council imposed a ban on the actor a few months ago. However, it was revoked after a warning, as it was felt that many films in which Prakash Raj was acting would be affected.

But it is said that the actor was unable to turn up to shootings even after the warning. Apparently tired with his activities, the Telugu Producer Council has again imposed a ban on him and asked its members not to rope in the actor in their films.

Some Gorgeous Nayantara stills

Some cool Pictures of youth's heartthrobe Nayanthara