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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

War games celebrates 25th anniversary

Hi friends,
Basically I am a movie maniac. This habit was inculcated in me when I was in childhood. My father used to say that when I was in child, I used to watch action adventures such as Indiana jones (my favorite movie), WarGames( This was movie has a cute hacker named Matthew Broderick) and the Terminator. I used to watch this movies with great awe.


When I heard that one of my favorite flicks WarGames is going to celebrate 25th anniversary on 24th july, I was so happy. Only one show will be showed and in this show one can get the interview of actors and technicians worked in th film. Moreover, making of wargames sequel The dead code will also be telecasted. Dont miss this golden oppourtunity. Get tickets as soon as possible.

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