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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New video site- Vidiction videos

Hi friends,
Youtube ,megavideos, Bliptv are some of the famous download and upload websites, where we can download and upload videos. or posting videos on the web has been popular nowadays because of this websites. one can become popular just by posting imaginary videos or some cool stuffs like that. So, do you want to be popular, too? I have found out a latest community where you can post your videos easily. cash for videos is a new concept available in this Viddiction videos. Yes, you can earn bucks buy simply uploading your videos on Cash will be dispatched depending upon the number of vistors visiting your videos in that website. I was browsing the site and I glued my eyes on my screen watching this cool video of a boy who plays piano. I went for piano lessons when I was in grade school and thinking that I will become a famous pianist someday, but I did not persistently pursue it. Now, I am a frustrated pianist. How I envy this boy! Wish I could go back and do piano lessons again. Oh, well there’s no harm in trying, right?does your heart fill with great intensity?? If a person wins in the regular monthly competition , then he can earn $500. What for you waiting for?? Just join uplaod, download unlimited number of videos and earn lot of bucks.
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