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Friday, June 27, 2008

Powerful Man in India- Rajini

Hi fans,
             Rajinikanth has been adjudged one of the top 50 powerful men in the country by '4 Ps', a business and marketing fortnight magazine. The survey was conducted using various methodologies by ICMR (The Indian council for Marketing Research) and the 4Ps team.
Rajinikanth was chosen based on his visibility in the media over the last year, leadership qualities displayed and positive actions taken by actor.
Apart from Rajini, music genius A R Rahman has also managed a place for himself in the elite list.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rap artists Lyrics

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Chelsea made 150 million euro bid for Kaka

It was reported over the weekend that Chelsea, who have been heavily linked with Kaka over the past few years, had made a €100m offer to Milan for the Brazilian.

Rossoneri Vice President Adriano Galliani confirmed on Saturday that the Italians had rejected a big offer from Chelsea for the 26-year-old, but wouldn’t reveal a figure.

Galliani has made it perfectly clear that Kaka is not for sale at any price, however today’s Gazzetta dello Sport claims this will not deter Roman Abramovich who is so desperate to sign Kaka that he is ready to smash the world transfer record and pay €150m.

The Gazzetta adds that it is highly unlikely that Milan will consider selling Kaka, even for this obscene price, yet the player himself may be tempted as he would net 10 per cent of the transfer fee.

"The Kaka-Chelsea operation would benefit everyone involved," said Kaka’s spokesman Diogo Kotscho.

Totti & Nesta To Make Italy Return

Lippi seems likely to return as coach of the Azzurri, and replace Roberto Donadoni who will leave following Sunday night’s Euro 2008 quarter final exit against Spain.According to the Corriere dello Sport, Lippi has already persuaded Totti and Nesta to end their international retirements and be part of the 2010 World Cup campaign.

Totti has not played for the Azzurri since the World Cup final win over France two years ago, which was Lippi’s last game in charge before he left to be replaced by Donadoni.Nesta played one Euro 2008 qualifier against Georgia in October 2006 before he also followed Totti in announcing his retirement.

However both players, who enjoy a fantastic relationship with Lippi, are now ready to return for the 2010 World Cup campaign.If confirmed, the news is certain to be greeted by Italy fans, as many feel their was a distinct lack of quality in the Azzurri team at Euro 2008, something these two world champions would certainly bring.

Info about Auto Loan

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Ultimate star in Adyar

Hi Ajith fans,
Ajith's much-expected film in the pipeline, Aegan, has been hogging the limelight with the media trying to grab every bit of information to feed his fans regarding the film's progress. Well now, the Aegan team is back in Chennai to shoot the climax scene. The unit has been shooting extensively in various places, including some foreign locales such as Hong Kong, besides Theni, Yercaud etc., in India. The filming of this particular climax scene, which involves the presence of Ajith, is now in progress at Adyar.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cuff Links review

Hi friends,
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Much Hyped Movies of 2008

Hi friends,
These are the list of the movies, which are much hyped of this year 2008-2009.

Movie Cast
1. Robot Rajini,Aishwarya Rai
2. Kuselan Rajini, Nayanthara
3. Aegan Ajith, Nayanthara
4. Villu Vijay, Nayanthara
5. Vaaranam Suriya, Divya

Stylishness of Halloween Costumes

Hi Friends..
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Line Story of Villu

An honest officer gets killed by a team of desperadoes and his wife and son alone escape this dastardly act. The unsuspecting son grows up thinking that his dad had a natural death. However when he comes to know the truth from one of his dad’s friends, he is up in arms with the system and starts his mission of avenging his dad’s death. On this trail, he meets his love Nayan who happens to be the daughter of one of the baddies. Will he succeed in his mission and love forms the plot of the film.

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Shuttle Lands On Earth without having clip

The American space shuttle Discovery has successfully touched down at the Kennedy space station in the US state of Florida.Nasa officials gave the go-ahead for the landing, saying it should not be affected by the earlier loss of a metal clip from Discovery's rudder.

The shuttle delivered a Japanese laboratory to the International Space Station (ISS) on its 14-day mission.The seven crew earlier cheered after getting the green light to land.

Commander Mark Kelly and co-pilot Kenneth Ham had fired the braking rockets to send the craft streaking home.'My favourite Earthling'.On Friday, Discovery's astronauts spotted something floating away from their spaceship that turned out to be a little metal clip which broke off the rudder.But engineers decided within four hours that its absence posed no danger for re-entry.

During the shuttle's mission, it installed a $1bn-Japanese-built laboratory, which is now the space station's biggest room and most sophisticated science workshop.

They also dropped off a new pump that the two Russians on board used to fix their toilet.

And the space station welcomed a new American resident, who took the place of astronaut Garrett Reisman, returning home after 95 days in space.

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Dhoni confident of Champions trophy

The tri-series in Bangladesh slipped through his fingers but Mahendra Singh Dhoni is banking on India's consistency to make amends by bringing home the Champions Trophy.Dhoni pointed to India's amazing consistency for most part of the season and said provided his teammates continue in the same vein, there is no reason why India cannot win the elite biennial tournament.

"The Indian team did very well in limited-overs cricket in 2007-08. Winning the one-day series in Australia was a monumental achievement. Not only did we beat the World Cup winners, but also Sri Lanka , which was runner-up in the Caribbean," said the buoyant India captain."We would like to continue in the same vein and take the ICC Champions Trophy home with us to India," Dhoni added.

Dhoni would be eager to make up for the Bangladesh disappointment where his team thoroughly dominated the tournament only to lose to arch-rivals Pakistan in the final. Meanwhile, amid reports of a possible boycott by leading Australian cricketers because of security concerns, captains of all the major teams on Thursday issued a statement throwing their weight behind the Champions Trophy.Australia captain Ricky Ponting said his side was already focused on retaining the trophy, the second most important tournament after the World Cup.

"The Champions Trophy is the number two one-day tournament on the calendar behind the ICC Cricket World Cup and it is for this reason that our players will ensure they are at the peak of their form to take on the world's best in this format of the game.

Adventures of Criss Angel

Criss Angel, who is famous for illusion , arrives in Las VegasBelieve Premiere, for the New Cirque Du Soleil perfomance . This new perfomance is called "Criss Angel Believe". Criss Angel is illusion creator, designer and co-writer of this unique show. Now a days Criss Angel is appearing for the shows the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Criss Angel is a modern magical master,an innovative illusionist. In "Believe", Criss Angel stars as a surreal, enigmatic Victorian Noble. The stunning illusions and skills of Criss Angel's are different of other classic illusionist such as Harry Houdini because the use or heightened imagery, a baroque theater with fantastical creatures with all the elements integrated into a colorful story-driven show. All the componets of the show are interdependent and much more sophisticated that traditional magic shows. Criss Angel stars togheter with a sentational troupe of dancers and characters. Unlike traditional magic-themed shows, Criss Angel Believe is a fantasy performance with a surreal touch.

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