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Saturday, April 5, 2008

India suffers worst defeat in Sub continent

Hi ppl,
After blitzkreig Knock of Sehwag in Chennai, India suffered there worst defeat in their own Den in the second test against the Proteas. Only GANGULY , DHONI offered some resistance in the INDIAN batting. Other batsmen couldnt even cope up with the Steyn's Typhoon Deliveries. Former South african Veteran Player Daryll Cullinan said that This victory is the best victory by us against Indians.
The Innings defeat of INDIA created commotion among the cricket lovers in INDIA. They need to subside their fury till the beginning of the third test. Hopefully, India's demigod Sachin would be available for the third test.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Who is the real BAADSHAH in Bollywood??

Hi ppl,
This survey reveals that the Khans are the real BAADSHAS of Bollywood.The Khans are sparring over the numero uno position. Who's the real No. 1 in Bollywood? look at this survey??

Aamir Khan 41% 6648 votes
Shah Rukh Khan 38% 6118 votes
Amitabh Bachchan 21% 3496 votes
Akshay Kumar 0% 2 votes
Hrithik Roshan 0% 1 votes

chennai superkings inaugaration

Hi friends,

As IPL schedule closes, the april summer gets much more hotter in chennai, when compared to other cities. These photos are taken during the inaugation function of chennai super kings. In photos, u may see the vijay and sexbomb "Nayanthara".

IPL Launches Chennai super kings Team Posters

Sleight of Hand......Easy magic with coin.

Hi friends,
In this blog i ll explain a basic magic technique using coin"Hand Flip Easy Coin Trick".

Easy coin vanish sleight of hand that when mastered will allow you to perform lots of amazing magic and coin tricks

Flip The Coin Trick

Coins are placed in hand as shown. Left hand coin in centre of palm. Right hand coin is nearer to the thumb.

1. Lay two coins in the palms of your hands like this - the positions are very important!

Notice that the coin in my left hand is right in the middle of my palm. The coin in my right hand is near my thumb.

Hands are flipped over quickly onto the table. The right hand coin should have flicked under the left palm to join the other coin.

2. In one quick motion, flip both hands over and slap them straight down onto the table.

The coin in your right hand should get flicked across and under your left hand. The coin in your left hand should simply fall straight down.

Right hand is shown not to be covering any coins.

3. Ask your audience where they think the coins are – they'll probably guess there's one under each hand.

If you move your right pinkie finger a bit, people usually guess the coins are under your right hand – then you can reveal they are wrong!

Coins are shown to be under the other hand.

4. Reveal both coins under your left hand.

If you repeat the trick, be quick! Try not to let anyone notice the positions of the coins.

Now, you can make the coins land under your right hand instead?

What's going on?

The position of the coins in your palms makes this trick work. As you rotate your hands from "palms up" to "palms down", the coin in the centre of your palm stays put and falls straight down. But the coin near your thumb travels around the centre of your palm and gets catapulted towards the other hand. With a bit of practice, it is almost impossible to see this coin shooting across before you slap your hand down to cover it.

The reason one of the coins gets flicked across is easy to understand if you imagine using a table tennis bat instead of your hand. Imagine laying one coin smack bang in the centre of one of a bat. As you rotate the bat, the coin rotates around its own centre too, but it does not get flicked away.

If you lay the second coin right on the outside edge of the other bat, something quite different happens. This coin travels around the centre of the bat in a big semi-circle and if you rotate the bat quickly enough, it will get flicked away.

How fast the coin gets flicked across depends on how far it is from the centre of your palm and the speed with which you flip your hands over. If you want to sound smug when people ask how this trick works, just say "it's just simple rotational mechanics . baby!"

All Time Worst For Barca

Hi football ppl,
If u re a Barca football fan, then Be strong to hear this news.Barcelona are in crisis.Txiki Begiristain told following to the press "players were unable to cope when the going became tough in matches and that was why i believe the team is in crisis mode".

After Bojan Krkic and Samuel Eto'o had given Barça a commanding lead in the Ruiz de Lopera at the weekend, Betis came back and netted three times in the second period to record a memorable win. Rijkaard had admitted that he was ashamed, while Puyol had opined that the collapse was symptomatic of the club's season as a whole.

Txiki has also admitted that he was stunned the team have lost their key characteristic - that of not giving opponents any chance of a recovery.
But the only hope for Barca is Lionel messi has recovered before his expected time of recovery.

Ronaldinho's Superb Back pass

Hi fans,
In the sequel of Ronaldinho's unseen skills, i ve attached U the real back pass by Ronaldinho. See this action done by universal prodigy.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

some Good Techniques for Pocket Tanks game...

Hi pocket tanks friends,

pocket tanks is becoming more and more familiar game. Hence the following technique will boost ur chance of winning every game u play

Bouncy Fission Attack - Take advantage of an opponent that's insideof a large crater by coating one side of the hole with Bouncy Dirt, thenhitting the tank directly with a Fission Bomb. You can expect 120-200+points for a good shot. It works best if the tank is at the bottom of ahole with smooth edges. Mountain Movers and Crater Makers throw the tankthe least, so they are recommended for optimal setup. [Deluxe version weapons]

Pile Driver Combos - Hit the tank with a Pile Driver, then hit itwith a Hailstorm to receive approximately 120 points. Napalm is goodalternative, and you can expect around 150 points if carefully aimed.[Shareware weapons]

Carpet Bomb Line-of-Sight - The Carpet Bomb is designed to coverlarge areas from a distance. But if a tank is in your sights, turn thepower up to 100 and hit it straight on. Welch recommends Blast Off to sendyour tank to the other side of the mountain. The maximum damage outputfrom the Carpet Bomb is 110 points. [Ambush Pack weapons]

Maximum Popcorn Effect - Fire a Ground Shocker at the bottom of thescreen, right below your opponent's tank. This will make the ground verybumpy. Then fire a Popcorn near them and watch the bullets multiply as theybounce and spread due to the rough terrain. [Deluxe and Ambush Pack weapons]

Bouncy Wall Backstop - When your opponent is very close to a steephill and you can't seem to hit them, consider putting a Bouncy Wall rightbehind them and ricocheting bullets off it. Depending on how far away theyare, certain spread weapons like the Minigun or Buckshot can be effectiveat landing a lucky shot. [Ambush Pack weapons]

Dig and Hide - Avoid being hit by using the Digger and Mud Pie tohide underground. Fire the Digger at a steep enough angle that your tankslides or falls. Then close the entrance with a dirt weapon. From there youcan fire tunneling weapons at your opponent or just lay low. [Deluxe weapons]

Cheap Shot - Land a Scatter Shot directly under your opponent'stilted turret. It's an easy 50 points when you typically only get 20 pointsfrom that weapon. [Shareware weapons]

Cricket Funny photos

Hi pals,

Cricket is a gentle men game, but gentle men do laugh seeing this funny pictures..
see this pictures and instigate love in Cricket..


Hi cricket loving friends..
Information which i m goin to say, may make ur heart heavy. India's DEMIGOD Sachin Tendulkar will not be available for the second test match in Ahmedabad. During, chennai test he incurred the groin in his arm. Tendulkar was advised two-weeks rest after the Australia tour and the then physio, John Gloster, in his fitness report, warned against the injury entering a chronic phase. His Place couldnt even be filled by other person. But selection commitee feels Mohammed Kaif could be handy in dat position. BCCI told to press that its a reward for his dedication..