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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Official press release of Marmayogi

Since there has been a lot of unsubstantiated speculation about Kamal Haasan’s forthcoming magnum opus, Pyramid Saimira and Rajkamal have decided to release an official press note concerning the film’s progress.

A letter signed by Kamal has been sent to the media, stating that there has been inaccurate reporting on Marma Yogi (Kamal prefers to spell the movie title this way in the letter), especially concerning who will produce it. Kamal points out that reporters have been saying that it will be produced only by Rajkamal International – and this is false, writes the star. What is true is that it will be produced jointly by the Pyramid Saimira Group and Rajkamal.

Kamal further goes on to add:

It is to be a tri-lingual, with Hindi, Telugu and Tamil version. There is a good possibility even of an English version. Since this is a high cost production, Pyramid wishes not to talk budget issues yet.

Marmagoyi is based on Kamal’s script and story, and of course, he is the star. What is exceptional here is that he will direct Marmayogi.

It will be produced by Saimira International Ltd and Rajkamal International Ltd.

An agreement has been signed by both parties, and production is on at a frantic pace. It will showcase state of the art quality cinema both, technically and cinematically. And will project Indian cinema internationally in the best possible manner.

In a project of such mega size, key decisions are taken by lead artists, technicians and other key people jointly and great care and consideration is taken so no confusion arises.

Marma Yogi, a multimillion dollar magnum opus, will be launched very soon.

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