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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lust entertainer In tamil cinema

Sona plays a housewife lusting after one of her younger relatives in 'Pathu Pathu'. The film is gearing up for release soon. The actress who is getting very popular now is said to be very choosy before signing on dotted lines.

Says Sona, 'I accepted the role of a woman having an extramarital affair with a boy younger than her because the story is quite good. Suspense elements play a huge role in the film. Moreover, due importance has been given to my role'.

However she adds that she would be careful before accepting such roles in future.

Stating that she has managed to bag a handful of films after 'Pathu Pathu' and 'Kuselan', Sona said she wanted to be recognized as a talented actress, who could do any kind of role.

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