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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ocher studios for Marmayogi

Hi fans,
News about Marmayogi has been itching now adays. Its the dream movie of Kamal Hasan. many predict that Marmayogi will be the story of the Kamal Hasan's breath Marhudhanayagam.For Marmayogi, Kamal Haasan has decided to switch from Pyramid Saimira to Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Ocher-Warner productions. As reported earlier Soundarya is in the process of producing films in collaboration with WarnerBros. Most recently, they have reportedly paid a huge advance to Jayam and Raja Ravi for an upcoming film. Kamal is reported to have returned the advance he took from Pyramid Saimira and is intiatiating talks with Ocher Studios to produce his next historical magnum opus. The reason sited is that Pyramid were reluctant to go as high as 150 crores for Marmayogi’s budget. They were more comfortable with 100. Kamal has apparently, as a first step, sent the entire script of Marmayogi to Warner Bros in the U.S. so that they would get an idea of the kind of production he has in mind for this period epic. The only question now is: will Warner Bros go for it?

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