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Friday, June 6, 2008

Aspects of Social Spark

Hi ppl,
Most of the bloggers in this world do know what is social spark. But only few Know the information that Social spark is live. Initially the site was extremely sluggish, seemingly bogged down with all of the applications running on the site, but it has improved greatly since my initial visit to the site. Now it has got its true colors and its flying high when compared to the competitors. So, who is using Social Spark? So far there seems to be quite a few people on Social spark. Even I got the profile in social spark. and hence I love my profile named Indefatigable. you can meet fellow bloggers, leave comments on bloggers and advertiser accounts, private message, and possibly most importantly, you can even take paid offers on the site. Because all links are fully disclosed and no followed you don’t even have to worry about a google penalty either since you’re not violating their terms.
A person can vote the profile as a prop or drop. This feature is unavailable in many of the competitors of social spark.I like the idea behind the site, but the dynamic pricing feels like a trap. I’m lured to an opportunity because the price and requirements seem reasonable, but the opp is usually fully reserved at that point. In this case, if the campaign is still running I can click to wait for a slot and should one open up I will have a slot reserved for me. Since joining I’ve only seen one offer that was open at the time and that I qualified for. One can register their blog at SocialSpark and enjoy much more benefits.

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