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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dasavatharm Now has 1000 Prints

Scores of technicians are burning the midnight oil this week to make thousand prints ready and available to all the theaters that screen the mega budget movie 'Dasavatharam'.The producers of the film are also printing posters featuring all the ten roles so that audiences can familiarize themselves with the characters. Every major theater across Tamil Nadu is screening the film.

The story of the film could be something like this….a scientist invents a machine that helps people travel through time. A bunch of baddies want the technology for their ulterior motives. The scientist, possibly eccentric, wants to safeguard it desperately. But somehow it lands up in the custody of an old woman in Tamil Nadu.Could the movie be complete without using the unique technology? That is where the fun is going to be…. Traveling to the 12th century and back….probably with many stops in between. This should be a roller coaster ride of fun and frolic and to have a person of Kamal Haasan's caliber, this should be a joy ride.

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