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Sunday, March 30, 2008

some Good Techniques for Pocket Tanks game...

Hi pocket tanks friends,

pocket tanks is becoming more and more familiar game. Hence the following technique will boost ur chance of winning every game u play

Bouncy Fission Attack - Take advantage of an opponent that's insideof a large crater by coating one side of the hole with Bouncy Dirt, thenhitting the tank directly with a Fission Bomb. You can expect 120-200+points for a good shot. It works best if the tank is at the bottom of ahole with smooth edges. Mountain Movers and Crater Makers throw the tankthe least, so they are recommended for optimal setup. [Deluxe version weapons]

Pile Driver Combos - Hit the tank with a Pile Driver, then hit itwith a Hailstorm to receive approximately 120 points. Napalm is goodalternative, and you can expect around 150 points if carefully aimed.[Shareware weapons]

Carpet Bomb Line-of-Sight - The Carpet Bomb is designed to coverlarge areas from a distance. But if a tank is in your sights, turn thepower up to 100 and hit it straight on. Welch recommends Blast Off to sendyour tank to the other side of the mountain. The maximum damage outputfrom the Carpet Bomb is 110 points. [Ambush Pack weapons]

Maximum Popcorn Effect - Fire a Ground Shocker at the bottom of thescreen, right below your opponent's tank. This will make the ground verybumpy. Then fire a Popcorn near them and watch the bullets multiply as theybounce and spread due to the rough terrain. [Deluxe and Ambush Pack weapons]

Bouncy Wall Backstop - When your opponent is very close to a steephill and you can't seem to hit them, consider putting a Bouncy Wall rightbehind them and ricocheting bullets off it. Depending on how far away theyare, certain spread weapons like the Minigun or Buckshot can be effectiveat landing a lucky shot. [Ambush Pack weapons]

Dig and Hide - Avoid being hit by using the Digger and Mud Pie tohide underground. Fire the Digger at a steep enough angle that your tankslides or falls. Then close the entrance with a dirt weapon. From there youcan fire tunneling weapons at your opponent or just lay low. [Deluxe weapons]

Cheap Shot - Land a Scatter Shot directly under your opponent'stilted turret. It's an easy 50 points when you typically only get 20 pointsfrom that weapon. [Shareware weapons]

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good old game...