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Monday, September 8, 2008

K for Karan

Karan has tasted success with 'Kokki' and 'Karuppasamy Kuthagaitharar'. His recent film 'Kathavarayan' managed a 100-day run.Probably considering this to be a 'luck' element that brings good fortune he has keen to name his films that start with the letter 'K'. He is currently working in a host of movies including 'Kandha' and 'Kanagavel Kakka'. Interestingly they also begin with 'K'. Is Karan going to stick with the letter of the alphabet 'K' always?
This is what Karan had to say: "No, they are mere coincidences. Two of my films ('Thee Nagar' and 'Malayan') had titles that began with the letter 'K'. But I requested the directors to change them. I am a person who works hard and leaves the rest to God".

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