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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Story of Jayam Kondan

Hi Pals,
Recently released Jeyam Kondan has already created waves among the masses before the itself because of a peppy number tuned by Vidhyasagar. Much to its hype, IPL famous Lekha Washington adds much more hype. Well guys, this is the story line of the Jeyam Kondan.Vinay is a successful professional in London, but he is also frustrated with his distance from home and finally takes the call to return to India and do his own business. Lekha Washington (SS music VJ) on the other hand is in India and cherishes a dream of doing a master’s degree at the MIT in USA. The clash of these ambitions is the crux of the story. But why do their ambitions collide head on? Apparently, they are related in a way that no one would be too proud of and the rather twisted nature of their relationship leads to disputes over property. With neither party willing to give an inch or compromise on their ambitions the stage is set for a battle in and out of courts that could get far more serious. And, things do get serious, as it always does when big money is at stake. A businessman and a thug get involved in the skirmish for money and a few unsavory incidents later, things have gone far too out of hand to be settled amicably. How Vinay and Lekha take the issue that they began to a final settlement forms the climax.

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