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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Which type of movie suits Vijay?? Sivakasi or Kaakha Kaakha

Gautham's View:
A couple of months back Gautham Menon had given an interview to a leading magazine where he had expressed his disappointment over an incident. He had narrated a story to Vijay which was liked by the latter. But the actor wanted the script to be altered a bit to infuse elements that his fans loved. For this he handed Gautham the DVDs of two films as reference, Thiruppachi and Sivakasi, both films of Perarasu. Gautham in his interview had said that he was a bit upset when asked by Vijay to change his approach by watching two downright commercial potboilers.

Perarasu's View:
Perarasu said that he was just an ordinary film maker, making commercial entertainers that appealed to the masses, films that were grounded in Tamil flavor. He added that he was not used to watching films from Iran, Mongolia, etc. at film festivals.He said that Vijay was justified in keeping his fans in mind before agreeing to the script; after all, he just suggested a few changes to the script, not the entire story. A film that stars Vijay has to strike a balance between script requirements and star value, a skill not many directors have". Perarasu has proved that he can make commercials that appeal especially to the rural masses

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