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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is cabin cuddler?

Hi friends,

Basically I am a travel maniac. I love to travel different places both inside and outside the country.I have been on an air plane many times like most people do; We know the simple fact that sa the altitude raises, temperature drops.thus when the airplane raises and when it touches some height, naturally we feel cool.though summer, many people gets cold. It is alright if you are wearing heavy clothes or thick clothing. more over. Not many air lines carry pillows and travel blanket with them. Even if some of them provides, we are not sure whether it is 100% clean. Because of this reasons, amny fear to have air travel. in order to help tose people who are having air travelling, Cabin Cuddler came with a novel idea. The travel blanket is very, very useful. A tote that turns into a pillow and a blanket that serves six purposes. With it's contour-cut covers your whole body without getting untucked, very light and you can carry it anywhere you go, be at home, car trips, airplane or anywhere where it is cold. With it's patented pocket that will keep your feet warm. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your Cabin Cuddler now! When you buy two or more they will ship it to you free in wherever part of the world you are... Please pass this information to all of your friends, let them get benefit.

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