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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The new poltical jokester

Many people around the world Knows Glenn Beck . I am a great fan of him. Watching his show is just like eating apple for me.I used to watch his shows again and again. Beck is one of the popular radio and television host in USA. He used to correct the political situation by making satirical comedies out of it. In fact, his show contains less news than discussion about politics, conservative and social humor. As a fan of Beck, I too make political comedy. I have my video over the top of this post. Video which I have attached is solely for the purpose of Fun and not intended for hurting anyone. As a fan, I love all his videos especially "History of Illegal Immigrants". It deals with the history of the Illegal mexican immegrants which happened very long time ago. Though he makes us laugh, he brings the political matter into it and creating solutions to the public by saying what's not correct and how it should be corrected. .If you have missed any of his shows then, one can visit his website One can get his blogs, books, shows and events. His latest show is on July 17th Beck '08. The show will be simultaneously telecasted LIVE on 350 theaters nationwide. So, what for you waiting for?? Get the tickets soon.
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