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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Need for Speed: ProStreet Porsche

HI ppl,

Its the time to take racing off the streets....If you want to race,go to your local race course." The most noticeable difference ProStreet and its predecessors lies in its graphics....This is the first Need for Speed game to sport truly next-gen visuals with gorgeous vehicle modeling,spot on damage rendering,and a general high-level of details..
As up and coming street racer Ryan Cooper,your ultimate goal is to take on the kings of foyr racing models: Grip,drift,drag,speed......The great visuals, solid racing mechanics, lengthy career mode and customiZation options help make this one of the most deep and enjoyable racing titles' new direction doesn't jive with u, there is no denying the level of polish inherent in the slick racer.

This game works well in the following configuartions:
1. Graphics cards AGP or PCI - express.
2. ATI Radeon
3. nVidia Ge force 6200
Do make sure ur graphics driver is updated to the most recent version.

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