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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Volcanic Eruption Predicatble???

Is Volcanic Eruption Predicatble???
Yeah.. Here is the answer

The sound of ocean waves lapping on the beach could prove handy for more than just helping people sleep: they may help predict when a volcano is about to wake up.
When some land volcanoes are preparing to erupt, telltale changes on the surface can reveal a build-up of magma, but if the magma chamber is at depth there may be little sign of a pending eruption

The new discovery reveals dat When ocean waves break, they send low-frequency shock waves over great distances through the Earth's crust. These shock waves slow down if they pass through the magma chamber of a volcano that is experiencing pre-eruption rumbles. Placing about 20 sensors around a volcano could give a detailed picture of any changes at depth. Thus we can able to detect the volcanic eruptions before hand...

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